Monday, 7 April 2014

Dressing To My Own Shape... A Pear Shape

Hi my name is Alice and I am PEAR SHAPED... that was harder to say out loud than you'd think!
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Sometimes in life you look in the mirror after you have spent ages getting dressed and still think...
Actually, I do it quite a lot at the moment and I'm struggling to find the me I want to be in, well, any clothes I own, because nothing I have fits anymore, if it ever did in the first place. It's no secret that I've never been comfortable with my body shape but I am desperate to change that, feel good about me and regenerate that confidence I used to have. As lets face it, I'm never going to be any other shape but pear, having kids has set that in stone.
So I have set myself a challenge and with a small budget I am planning on dumping all my old clothes that fit badly and invest in some that suit me and my 'pear' shaped body.

I have already started and I have 3 bin bags of clothes going to the charity shop.... eeeek!
I may be doing a bit of a Gok Wan on myself
If only I had Gok Wan's wage to do it with.
I found this really cool website about how to dress for your shape and look good in it. It's the first one I've read and said 'right I get it now' so hopefully you'll find it as helpful.


This is what I learnt whilst reading about dressing a pear shape:

The pear-shaped woman, also called triangle body, has more weight in the lower part with the hips and the backside wider than the shoulders. It is actually the most common body shape and many celebrities such as J. Lo, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys are categorized as pear-shaped women

Emphasise the waistline and broaden the shoulders to balance the body.
Always wear dark colours on the bottom half and bright colours on the top half NEVER the other way round. Bright embellished tops are a must and big statement jewellery can draw the attention to the right part of your body.
A-Line is basically the key to a happy pear.

Wear dresses that accentuate the waist and don't wear clingy materials or pencil skirts, just floating material that skims your hips and bottom half. If your thighs are the problem part of you (like mine are) then try and avoid short skirts that stop at the part you dislike the most as it brings attention to it and you'll be happy with that when you don't feel uncomfortable when you realise in the mirror half way through your night out like I used to. This is difficult for me as I am 6ft with long legs so what is long on most of you, is a mini on me, finding skirts that are the right length is a challenge.
With trousers, avoid big jazzy pockets and embellishments on the bottom half of your body and NO SKINNY JEANS (damn I only own skinny jeans). Floatier trousers such as wide hemmed cut ones are much more flattering for a pear. ALWAYS wear trousers with a high waist, it brings your hips in and there is nothing worse than a muffin top on a pair of lovely jeans (again, damn it, I only own low rise jeans *hmmmmph* this is going to be harder than it seems).
With tops, try and avoid those that sit at the hip, including jackets, wear longer tops that elongate the skinny part of your beautiful self. Shorter ones cut off your figure and brings attention to the bottom half of your body. Layering is also a good way to balance out your figure, a blazer/cardigan over a t-shirt can do the job really well. Peplum tops are also great as they will create an optical illusion and make the hips look narrower. Go for tops with sleeves, especially reinforced and cap ones, that will add volume to the shoulders making them more proportional to the hips.

To summarize everything in just one phrase Gok styley,
Anything that brings the eye towards the top half of your body, shows off your small waist and conceals the width of your hips will look great!

Where can I shop?...

as long as you know what you're looking for.

I always shop onlne now, easier without the kids in tow and all that, but I think that is where I'm going wrong.
I need to go shopping.
I need to even get myself a personal shopper to show me what's what, how cool would that be?!
But I need to do it on a budget... a tight budget.
So I researched some nearby Designer Outlets, ones that I could get to without the kids in tow, for a 'me day' where I found my way in the fashion world again. I found this little beauty.
London Designer Outlet, in Wembley, is home to over 70 outlets, restaurants and cafes.
It is the destination for outlet shopping, eating and entertainment in the capital - open seven days a week, morning to night. Get bargains from leading high street namesaspirational labels and lifestyle brands at outlet prices of up to 70% off RRP.
I love a good designer outlet and I'm often at Wembley for either football, gigs or a trip to Ikea so I am quite excited about making my way there at some point soon.
Now to window shop what styles I like now that I'm a twenty something mum of two, with a pear shaped backside... rather than a teen still free to wear what she wanted even though she was a little baby pear then too.
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If I had my way, I'd be living in the 1950's as a cool upper class lady, with a nanny to deal with the children whilst I did my victory rolls and perfect make up with my lovely fitted A Line dress....
vintage, 1950's, victory roll, a line dresses, alice, my life my son my way,  
I love the vintage look, if I could get away with it I'd dress like this every single day, even when gardening (not that I do the gardening).
Victory roll, corset, can can skirt, red tutu, vintage, burlesque, my life my son my way,
Maybe that can be where I get back to.
Maybe that is the new/old me...

I'm quite looking forward to getting it right. I'll try and keep you updated on my finds over the time.

Wish me luck...

I wasn't paid to write this post but I did receive a voucher from LDO as a thank you for mentioning their outlet. for more info find my disclosure policy here.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I couldn’t cope in your shoes…

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The moment you find out you’re pregnant,
Is the moment that the unconditional love for that child begins.
The moment you receive a diagnosis,
Is the moment that your unconditional love for them becomes your strength.
It guides you on your everlasting journey as a parent.
You’ll never lose that strength,
Because it’s powered by that unconditional love you’ve had from the beginning…
And unconditional love is just that….
You may think you wouldn’t cope in those shoes,
The truth is,
Once you’re in them…
You just do!
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After a lovely chat with a very good friend, of whom is as mental as me with a similar situation but much busier than mine, about how people often say to us...
'I don't know how you do it?!'
'I wouldn't cope in your shoes'
or even
'you've coped so well considering, how do you do it?'
Each said in a lovely way that means 'you're doing a great job for what life has thrown at you' which is lovely... but when you live the life of a parent with a child (or children) with any sort of additional need you just do what needs to be done, no fuss, just gets done because it has to.
When I say
'Anyone would do the same'
I mean it.
Unconditional love isn't just something parents with children who may need a little extra attention have... it is just simply a parent thing, something we all hold.
So yes, you could cope in my shoes because it is just as natural as tucking your child into bed at night with a kiss to the forehead and a 'sweet dreams'.
You should think more of your abilities as a parent, you'd be fine.
We are all amazing.
Jenny from, who also took these amazing pics, has written a piece about how she does 'IT'
Read all about 'IT' here...


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to brighten up your home tastefully this spring

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At last, the weather has started to get a little warmer, the sun is shining and there are daffodils everywhere. For many, a change in the weather means a change in the home.

I'm getting the decorating itch again and I am desperate to brighten up my house as the décor has become quite stale.
So where do you start when you begin to brighten up your house? I asked the masses...
Here are the answers I got...

Pick a colour scheme

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Instead of diving head first into your design project, take a minute or two to consider a colour scheme. If not, you may end up with an overly eclectic look as opposed to a tasteful revamp.

Tick those repairs off your to-do list

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We’re all guilty of leaving household repairs to the last minute. They just seem like too much of a chore in the winter months. However, come spring, we often feel a little more energised, which means we can finally begin to tick a few tasks off that endless to-do list.

As the weather begins to get a little warmer, this is also a good time to make a few structural changes if they are needed. Investing in the likes of double glazing for sash windows is a great idea. Cleaning up any tired-looking window sills and window panes will allow the sunlight to enter the home more freely, brightening the entire area up.

Create a mood board

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If you’re planning on redecorating an entire room, it’s important to create a mood board. This will allow you to plan a colour palette, a floor plan and a style. Collecting cuttings from interior magazines, gathering printouts from the Internet and accumulating fabric samples will help you to do this.

Bring the outdoors in

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Nothing quite says spring like a colourful floral display in the home. Investing in various vases and filling them with beautiful flowers will instantly brighten up a drab space. Keeping the flowers similar shades or opting for arrangements that boast colour opposites is a great way to brighten up any room in a tasteful manner.

Create a feature wall

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If you’re on a budget yet wish to add a dramatic look to a bedroom, a living room or a dining room, creating a feature wall is an easy and cost-effective solution. You can either paint the wall a vivid hue or use stencils to add typography. Alternatively, you can invest in just the one roll of snazzy wallpaper to liven up your room. Apart from taking little time to complete, such a technique will quickly transform the look and feel of an entire room at a fraction of the cost.

Paint pot at the ready, I think I am set to start my revamp....
I may even let Hoff help!

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Memorable Mother's Day Wish with Johnson's Baby

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What would your Memorable Mother's Day Wish be??

Mine isn't quite your average mummy thing to want for this special day is it?! I know football isn't quite your average mothers day tradition but this year it falls on the same day as the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final at Wembley and this is a big deal to some friends of mine as they work for one of the teams playing, Peterborough Utd (or The Posh if you like). I am really excited for them and as Kyd has quite a soft spot for them now (thanks for that Phil) he is excited for them too. We are going to put a bet on for them to Win... if they don't I'll invoice Phil for the price of the bet... No pressure boys!
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Football is a big thing in all of our families lives. Kyd has become a huge footy fan and it gives us some 'Us Time' away from tornado Rocky and Hoff when we go together, which is really important to us as mother and son. We have had some great and some horrible memories at Wembley and we would like to go along and be (semi) neutral and just enjoy the football.
Johnson's Baby, Mothers Day, Memorable, Wish, Mum, Mummy, 2014, Kyd, my life my son my way,
It was just Kyd and Me for so long and now we have a whole rabble of family surrounding us and sometimes I think that he just needs some time for us to regroup and relive the peace and quiet of our early years. It is important for him to know that we are still the same Kyd + Mummy duo that we were back then and football was always OUR thing... so football is where I'd like to go for our me time this year.
Johnson's Baby, Mothers Day, Memorable, Wish, Mum, Mummy, 2014, Rocky, my life my son my way,
I haven't dismissed that it is important to spend time with Rocky too but we spend all day everyday together and so if he wrote his own voucher it would probably say 'spend some Rocky + Daddy time in the garden' because time apart is equally as important as time together... especially when they're as boisterous as Rocky. We will have our own special Mother's Day moment and that will no doubt involve food, as we all love food in this house.

Memorable Mother's Day Wishes with Johnson's Baby...

The makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby are asking mums to share their ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes’ on their  Facebook page, and are offering them the chance to download a special note that they can share with their family ahead of the big day. The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand knows that mums cherish special moments with their children, and the ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ will help them to create a new memory they will remember for years to come. 
The new survey, which has been commissioned by the brand to help make ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes’ come true, has produced a list of the top 10 things that will make mums happy this Mother’s Day.
What Mums usually get
Their Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes
1. A Bunch of flowers
1. Having lunch together as a family
2. A hug from their children
2. A hug from the children
3. A box of chocolates
3. More time together as a family
4. Having lunch together as a family
4. A bunch of flowers
5. A handmade card
5. A handmade card
6.More time together as a family
6. Voucher for my favourite shop
7.Relaxing bath products
7. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. Making me breakfast in bed
9. A book
9. Homemade gift
10. Making me Breakfast in bed
10. A book
As the leading baby skincare brand, the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby knows that precious moments with your children are the best part in any parent’s life. They’re fun, they’re special and they’re worth sharing. The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand encourages all mums to celebrate and enjoy the Big Little Moments which make being a mum special – from their first smile to playing during bath time.
Mums who would also prefer family time over chocolates this year can download and share their own ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ by visiting the JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page.

I was not paid for this post but I did receive a 'Me Time' hamper from Johnson's Baby for sharing their campaign.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

That Loud Naughty Toddler... Is Mine *sigh*

I never thought I'd have to write a post like this.
My children were always going to be angels and all sweetness and light in my head.
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I've always prided myself on the fact that being strict with Kyd over the years has made him the well behaved child he is today.

He may kick off for me at home but take him out of the house or give him to someone else for the day and he really is perfectly behaved, I have never had to worry about that because he knows with just one look that he needs to stop. I was proud of him, and me, for that.

As for Rocky...
Rocky, toddler, cute, my life my son my way,
Oh, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky...

I don't know what to do with him anymore.

He's not even 21 months yet and he seems to have me and everybody around us stumped with his behaviour as it is slowly getting worse.
He's not naughty as such, loud and curious and a bit hyper maybe but when you put all those together at once it can come off as naughty.

He has always been louder than you'd expect from something so small but that is gradually getting louder as he grows and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon.

At three months he began to do this high pitched squeal, I can't quite put into words how high pitched it really is but it has been described of as 'Out of this world'.

He'd sit in his jumperoo at that young age and break our ears with glee whilst bouncing but because he was happy we were fine with that.

'I'd rather that than screaming in pain' I said
'But I hope he doesn't do it all the time, it is ear piercing' I said

'Ignore it and he'll stop' they said
'He'll stop doing it soon if you don't make a big deal out of it' they said
'It's a phase they all go through it'll pass' they said
Puppy, Dog, Toddler, Cute, walkies, my life my son my way,

I Think I've Cracked...

Today he started a small toddler football class in our local area, a whole year and a half since starting the 'squealing phase'.

All the other children, all his age so I couldn't blame it on that, sat nicely with their parents on the floor as they were told to by the coach... Rocky had other ideas.

He doesn't do sitting.

He doesn't do still.

He doesn't do quiet either.

Rocky, however, DOES, do loud and mischief quite well!

As he walked in he screamed at a pitch that only dogs should be able to hear but it's so loud that everybody in the room and local area winced and grabbed their ears in shock and pain. All this whilst struggling, kicking and throwing himself around to escape out of the arms of Hoff who was sitting on the floor looking mortified, it being the first time he'd taken him to a group and all he wasn't used to it.

This happened every few minutes for the entire 45 minute class.

Even when they were doing the running around games he did THAT noise out of glee rather than distress.

THAT noise that you as a parent can deal with for a few times but after the third or forth you begin to lose your hearing as the noise and the feeling of helplessness and parental failure is left ringing in your ears.

You can feel the other parents start to stare as you sit there desperately trying to reduce the noise with your hand softly over their mouth, awkwardly grinning and apologising for them.

You know inside what they're thinking though as you have done the same yourself.

'If that was my child I'd....'

You know that the first few times are forgiven and brushed off as part of toddlerness but after that it is just seen as bad parenting and not being able to control your child.

But I've tried.
We ARE trying.
So please don't look at me like that when he screams, I really can't help it!

We are taking note of all the expert advice we're given, when asked or in passing, we are doing what they say...
Today I felt like I cracked, it might have been the hangover but whilst sat there watching I broke down inside and a tear rolled down my face.
Why can't he sit still like the other girls and boys?

Kyd, Rocky, Brothers, Walk, Beach, Winter, my life my son my way

The Honest Bit...

I feel like burying my head in my pillow and staying there. Not just because in there I can't hear him as much but also because I have come to the point that I can't cope with the fact I'm now one of THOSE mums that I and everybody else, used to automatically judge without meaning to judge.
I try so hard to keep him happy in public to protect the hearing of those around us that I have started just letting him do the things I would never let him do at home... therefore making a rod for my own back in a freaked out attempt to save other people's sanity and ability to hear.
There is an element of selfishness in my actions too.
Without the noise and the bad behaviour, the people around me won't stare at me like I'm a bad parent and I won't go home and cry.
I cry at home on a daily basis at the moment as I feel so useless. I really am trying to fix him and his habit of being so god awfully loud and I really am trying to not make it worse by trying to fix it temporarily whilst out.
I have gotten to the point where I am giving up inside and I hate that!
I would rather just not take him out into public places which is something I have always gotten so annoyed at when other parents said similar.
To take them out and teach them how to behave in different situations is the best practice for adult life...
 I used to say
Rocky, Robin, Batman, pasta, eating, Shed Cafe, my life my son my way, 
I've lost the will to believe that though, somewhere between having Rocky and losing my hearing, I've lost my ability to parent my child successfully enough to practice what I preach.

Is this really a phase?

It's a long bloody phase if it is. I am praying he grows out of it though as I may have to gag him soon (I joke obviously).

I love him so much, his smile will never stop breaking my bad days and making them good. I waited so long for him to be here and I am so grateful for him being here
This is something I would change about him at the drop of a hat!
Has anyone got any helpful advice that isn't 'He'll grow out of it, bear with him'? Because I would bite your hand off for some 'it was the same for me' stories right now just so I don't feel like a mentalist when I sit and cry into my Dr Pepper.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

World Down Syndrome Day 2014 - Health and Wellbeing #lotsofsocks

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Today (21/03/14) is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year's theme is

Health and Wellbeing. 

Children with Down Syndrome have more health issues than your average child, that is well documented, but it isn't set in stone as to what they have and when. They can have completely different timescales for their health issues, milestones, education, puberty or adulthood journeys.

There are some common traits of children with Down Syndrome and being more prone to health issues is one of them. It doesn't mean they will get everything that others with Downs have had in the past but it can be a similar pattern of life events... in the same way we have similar life event patterns to others in this world, it really is no different. 

They do like to keep people on their toes though and make you think in a different way to your average parent, or person in general for that matter. They make us think about what is important in our own lives and what really matters... but all they really want is for people to accept that different isn't necessarily a bad thing and that they can do whatever you can given the chance and sometimes a little extra helping hand.

Children with Down Syndrome are as individual as you and me. 
This is a fact of life.
No two children are the same, not even identical twins...
Not even two children with Down Syndrome!
Down Syndrome, World Down Syndrome Day, Text Sock77, 70070, donate, DSA, Down Syndrome Association, my life my son my way, #WDSD14, #lotsofsocks,
You'll probably see an influx of pictures of odd socks on your timelines via all social media  outlets today, this is a campaign for World Down Syndrome Day 2014, this is to show the individuality, diversity and to represent the extra chromosome present in people who have Down Syndrome.
Get involved and send us your socksie pics using the
#WDSD14 and #lotsofsocks
You can also help us raise money for the Down Syndrome Association by joining our Text Campaign set up by the lovely DownSideUp and check out her linky where fellow bloggers are linking up to share their stories there are some great reads!

Myths and Misconceptions about life of a child with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome, Make a wish, take a chance, Make a change, break away, my life my son my way, Sometimes I hear things in passing that I think 'actually you're wrong' but I feel like I can't correct it and find myself biting my lip to be polite because they 'mean well'...
This is mainly through misconceptions and ignorance (not nasty ignorance just general ignorance) and so until someone does say 'WELL ACTUALLY...' they will never learn and this will go round in circles.
I'm not on my own with this, parents across the country and even around the world have the same problem with the misconceptions of the general public.

 I would like to just set a few things straight today... 
In a polite way that you can read at your own pace...
That doesn't make things awkward for any of us, mainly because I can't see you or your awkward facial expressions and you can't see my ongoing frustration...
So here goes, these are some of the common misconceptions of Down Syndrome we've come across in the past 11 years...

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome have heart defects...

In fact a large number of children with Down Syndrome have completely healthy hearts and live their life to the full and until old age with no heart issues at all... Kyd included *touch wood*.

My Life My Son My Way, Kyd, Tiger, hearing aid, my life my son my way, Not ALL children with Down Syndrome progress at the same time...

They take their time to roll, sit, walk, talk or learn but once they get it, you can't stop them! This is usually because of poor muscle tone and joint flexibility which can be connected to Downs but they'll get there when they want to, they all do it eventually and when they do it is the greatest feeling in the world.
Patience is the key.

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome have hearing problems...

Children with Down Syndrome are prone to hearing issues like Glue Ear and hearing loss, just like hundreds of thousands of other children in the world without Down Syndrome. It doesn't mean they ALL have issues, they just have smaller ear canals and so their treatment is slightly more complicated to others for some things. Hearing problems can play a role in anybody's life, at any stage, just like people who have Downs, it isn't exclusive to them you know.

Basketball, Down Syndrome, cool, Kyd, my life my son my wayNot ALL children with Down Syndrome have speech issues for their entire life...

OK so most of them struggle with speech and language at some point in their childhood, that is well documented but most will catch up eventually and some don't even need any help at all... in fact some don't ever shut up, its just natter, natter, natter... just like other kids!

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome are over weight...

It is a fact that many people with Down Syndrome gain weight faster due to some metabolism changes as they hit puberty and it is, as you can imagine, difficult to lose. This isn't something that effects 100% of people with Down Syndrome though and is something mums of children, like me, get really scared of as they begin to leave childhood for their teens.
I have been working on fitness and health with Kyd throughout his childhood and hopefully he will remain at a healthy weight but if he doesn't we will try our hardest to help him be as healthy as he can be.
Please be aware of this before you say 'they gain weight really fast don't they' to a parent, they know this, they will do their best to control it... sometimes they can't though and it hurts them inside to hear people say their children are going to be fat and so those comments don't help... #JustSaying

Kyd, School, Mainstream, Down Syndrome, Marvel Bag, my life my son my way,Not ALL children with Down Syndrome wear glasses...

Some do, some don't.
My Dad does, I don't... same thing.
There are connections to more serious eye conditions but again that is a lottery, they may have the issues, they may not!
(Are you getting the theme here yet??)

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome attend Special Needs Schools...

In fact many children start at a mainstream school and stay in a mainstream school throughout their education. It can depend on both the child and the school. Kyd has just moved to a SEN school but mainly for medical needs. He loved his mainstream school but he equally loves his SEN school. Sometimes kids can do half a week at both too by the way, that is called 'duel placement' and is at the discretion of the local council.

Kyd, Rocky, iPad, Technology, siblings, learning, Down Syndrome, my life my son my wayNot ALL children with Down Syndrome struggle with their education...

In fact I read more and more stories everyday about teens with Down Syndrome passing their GCSE's and graduating high school or even College and University. They have their own pace for doing things and it may take them a little longer sometimes but actually they can achieve as much as we can.
Don't underestimate them!

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome don't understand instructions...

They understand a lot more than you think. They are more intelligent than you give them credit for. In fact, they often play on the fact that you think they don't understand you. Some children struggle a little more than others and their ability to understand instructions can take longer to tackle but actually if you make those instructions simple and clear they'll get it eventually, even if you have to show them a few times. Kyd is a little monkey, if he doesn't want to do something or is with someone new, he'll play on the fact that they don't think he understands it. He will play dumb, so to speak. He's hilarious with it but I'm very wise to his antics now!

Kyd, air guitar, Reading Festival, Festival, Down Syndrome, age 4, cool, kid, my life my son my way,Not ALL children with Down Syndrome are stubborn...

All children are pretty stubborn when they want to be, aren't they, lets face it, so when people say to me 'they can be so stubborn can't they' it doesn't half grate on me, I just reply with 'can't we all' and smile but inside I'm like 'you wanna see stubborn...' hahaha.

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome have bad dress sense...

This is an odd one isn't it, but I often get told in a shocked voice that Kyd has amazing dress sense for a child with Down Syndrome... why wouldn't he want to wear what he looks good in?... I get it though, as a kid I thought all people with disabilities wore hand knitted jumpers and joggers, I soon learnt they don't as I grew and that it was just an 80's thing. I did however over compensate for this and have created a mini Gok Wan/Fashion Monster.

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome like Mr Tumble...

Hahahaha I had to add this in. Kyd loves him but I know that it is a misconception that he is a must have accessory in the Down Syndrome world. He's not. However he did teach me everything I know about Makaton and so I thank him for that.

Kyd, Hospital, Ace Tube, Surgery, happy, Down Syndrome, my life my son my way,Not ALL children with Down Syndrome have bladder & bowel issues...

Although common, due to muscle tone issues, shockingly they actually wee and poo as much as we do, amazing huh?!
Some, including Kyd, have issues tied to Downs but are actually issues any one of us could get too. They tend to take longer to toilet train but that again is due to muscle tone and understanding of the feeling of needing to... but again some do it quicker than others.
Kyd has an ACE tube due to his chronic lazy bowel. This was 11 years in the making and is something that has changed his life for the better after just a few short months.
Kyd, Cafe, independance, Shed, Reading, Down Syndrome, Customer, my life my son my way,

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome will need help with everyday life as an adult...

In fact, more and more adults with learning disabilities are living independently in the big wide world and they cope incredibly well... better than most first time uni students or adults in general for that matter!

Not ALL children with Down Syndrome are 'So loving and good natured'...

No I'm serious... they really AREN'T!
Look, I am not being funny but yes they may like to smile sweetly and make you think they are all sweetness and light but you try and get Kyd to give you a 'Oh so loving' cuddle or kiss and he will shake his head and run away just like any other 11 year old boy. He can be a brat when he wants to be and he can also be mean, just like any other kid in the playground.
He is as loving as any other child of his age, this is standard across the board and if anybody tells you otherwise they are not a parent of an older child with Down Syndrome, we as parents to older children know otherwise... they'll soon learn.
He is loving, he is cute sometimes, he takes things to heart sometimes, he is quite a calm soul really, he may even kiss you... but only if he wants something!
He has the same feelings, emotions and ways of expressing them as any other child, he is no more loving than the average child... in fact Rocky is way more cuddly than Kyd ever was.
As I am writing this he is giving me daggers because he lost his PlayStation rights whilst being naughty on Tuesday morning... see just like life with any other child.

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Children with Down Syndrome ARE NOT ALWAYS HAPPY!!...

Seriously, the most frustrating thing for me is when people say
'ahhh they are always happy aren't they!'
no, no, no, No, NO!
You live in my house for a week and then say that without your nose growing.
They are not always happy, they have the exact same feelings as anyone else and are prone to frustration and tantrums just as much, if not more, than any other child or adult, especially when you accuse them of always being happy.
Kyd is happy when he wants to be happy,
Sad when he wants to be sad,
Angry when he chooses to be angry,
Excited when he chooses to be excited...
Just like us!


Now you have the true facts about living with a child with Down Syndrome.

Sorry if any of that has shocked you, worried you or patronised you in any way, but I tell you what it was great to get that out there and be completely honest, so thanks for reading. I know many will be nodding at all this, some may not, but all in all I hope you realise that you can't put all the currents in the same plain bun, they can go with so many other cakes too you know and are pretty versatile.
Life is a lottery of health losses and wins...
Even when you have an extra chromosome added to the mix. 

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
If you want to read more about Kyd and our journey with Down Syndrome please visit the page in the menu above named Down Syndrome  for all the relevant links.
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